Live guitar teching, tour and stage management for performing artists. Lessons in guitar performance, composition and music business.

Fret dresses and re-frets ("the works") designed to yield maximum playability, as well as correct a myriad of neck and fretboard issues. 

Everything from electronics, modifications and upgrades to new nuts and saddles, routing, neck resets, structural and cosmetic repairs and touch ups, and more. 


latest work

Big Sound LLC & Big Sound Guitar Repair

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precision fret work

Andy Bree: owner, Tech & Tour Manager

Essential inspection, cleaning and maintenance to ensure your instrument is playing as good as it can. 

Andy considers himself a guitar player first, and a human second. If that doesn't sum it up, nothing will. "I love guitars that play how they should be played, and I love shows that go as good as they should...and I love to make both happen."

Touring & Teaching

"big jobs" & modifications

fretted instrument repair & touring services

"take care of your gear,

and your gear will take care of you"

setups & string changes

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